Are You Ready to Try Something New?
Lexfield is an electronic cigarette that provides a new, simple smoking experience. No secondhand smoke, no tar, no ashtray smell. No messy liquids, no modifications required, no complicated instructions. Just the most user friendly electronic cigarette made.



Lexfield - the better e-cig
Electronic Cigarette
Starter Set


Starter Sets come with two Lexfield electronic cigarettes and six refills. We also include a dual use charger so you can charge your Lexfield from any USB port or from the wall.



Refill boxes include 10 replacement cartridges for your Lexfields, equivalent to approximately one carton. Each cartridge is individually sealed for freshness.


Lexfield E-Cig Refills

What satisfied customers are saying.

“Clearly made by smokers. Every other one I tried was a joke.”

review_authorJed Cochran
Washington, D.C.

“Most big advertised ecig brands taste the same: V2, Blu, Fin, just to name a few. I was starting to think that ecigs weren’t for me. But Lexfield just somehow got it right.”

review_authorShane Saltink
Tallahassee, FL

“For people who love to smoke, but hate smelling like an ashtray…Lexfield is the winner, hands down.”

review_authorEdward Blocker
Business Owner
Jacksonville, FL

“I really can’t describe it. It’s just a great smoking experience. Sometimes I forget I’m not smoking a real cigarette.”

review_authorMichael Moreo
Business Owner
New York, NY